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The term “branding” is often bandied about in business circles, and it’s generally used in a rather careless fashion.

We at dpa branding stand in awe of radio. Since radio’s emergence as a commercial media, it’s obsolescence has been predicted time and again. Yet, as every generation re-invents the culture, radio changes right along with them, and its popularity with advertisers shows no sign of slowing down.

In the last few years, radio has aggressively expanded into online, on-demand, mobile text, real-time data and digital broadcasts. The result has been an impressive expansion of radio’s audience.

Not only is radio growing in raw numbers, the audience is more engaged by consuming more content produced by radio broadcasters from analog AM/FM stations, digital multicasts, Internet streams, on-demand audio and video, mobile devices, and even through personal navigation systems.

More adults in the U.S., aged 25-54, now listen to AM/FM radio broadcasts than consume any other medium – Arbitron estimates the percentage to be 95.5%. Radio continues to build on that dominant position with new audiences via online and mobile devices.