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The king of getting your brand in front of new consumers.

White noise

If you create something useful, you add value to the world.

Copy and content, in order to be useful, need not be “creative.” It must rather be remarkable. Consumers are now more sophisticated and have more options than at anytime in human history. If they are to make a decision—a decision for your brand—they need information.

But, your information is useless unless consumers listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things that are remarkable.

Some estimate that the world’s technological capacity to transmit information now exceeds 395 billion (optimally compressed) exabytes per second, per second exponentially compounded daily for every human being on the planet. We have no idea what that means, but it sounds like a lot.

If you want your information to break through that impressive (and likely prevaricated) galaxy of white noise, give us a call. We’re in the remarkable business.


Press Releases

Credibility is hard earned commodity in today’s market.

Press releases that get picked up by the media build your credibility in the hearts and minds of consumers. A solid press release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and enhance your image.

Publicity is a cost-effective marketing tool and more than any other part of a marketing strategy, it builds credibility.

Readers trust independent authorities like reviewers, reporters, columnists or broadcasters. And these same authorities are influenced by good public relations—especially, well-written press releases.

Press releases are essential for online public relations success. dpa branding press releases generate news clips, drive traffic to your site, generate awareness and get your phone to ring? Our press releases provide important information to the media and key target audiences all while increasing your search engine results.

  • We can follow the daily number of hits on RSS feeds.
  • We can count how many times your press release is read.
  • We find which keywords work and integrate them into your next  release.
  • We determine what referring sources are sending visits your way.
  • We detect increases in traffic around the time distribution and look for the distribution service itself to be a referring source of traffic.
  • We keep tabs on how well your press release distribution is performing by noting which media outlets have received your news.
  • Of course, distributing a press release is only one step in the public relations process

Our press releases are optimized for the Web. Consumers increasingly go online to find information. As online press release distribution has become more common, press releases must evolve in order to remain relevant, interesting and profitable.

As the nature of the media has evolved, so has the public relations industry. We incorporate Search Engine Optimization techniques into our writing style to meet those demands.

Search Engine Optimization is designed to help your news stand out against clutter. We incorporate a few techniques, and your press releases becomes a powerful tool, making certain that your news is visible to search engines and easily accessible to the consumers who search for it.



I am a consumer. Assuming a slogan will sell me insults my intelligence; give me information.


  • Your information is worthless unless I believe you
  • I can’t believe you if I don’t know what you’re saying
  • I can’t know what you’re saying if I don’t listen to you
  • I won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting

You won’t be interesting unless what you say is concise, imaginative, original and fresh.


Content Package

Spread your message on the Internet, bring your website visibility online and promote content through popular social media.

  • Explain how your company differs from competitors
  • Introduce your company’s personality and “voice”
  • Share profiles of your company’s key players
  • Tell the story behind how your business began
  • Find out why your customers buy from you
  • Reveal common objections to buying your product
  • Create content marketing pieces to handle those objections
  • Use social media to generate leads and close sales.

Online information impacts purchase decisions. By publishing content that shows off industry expertise and highlights your company’s unique strengths and services, you’ll become familiar to online consumers.

By frequently updating website content, you make your site a reliable source of information. You will attract social followers and repeat site visitors. The more you engage consumers, the better the chance they might convert.


Content is king. Just check with Google. Content of high editorial quality and relevance is cached and ranked by the search engines. It drives traffic, increases inbound links and boosts organic SEO.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing, AKA

  • Custom publishing
  • Custom media
  • Customer media
  • Customer publishing
  • Member media
  • Private media
  • Branded content
  • Corporate media
  • Corporate publishing
  • Corporate journalism
  • Branded media

We just call it content marketing.

Simply put, we create and distribute relevant content to attract and engage a clearly defined target audience. Our objective is to drive profitable customer action for you.

It’s the art of engaging consumers without selling—non-interruption marketing.

Instead of boorishly hawking your wares, you deliver content that will inform, uplift and enrich your buyer. They reward you with brand loyalty. It works.

Consumers began to tune out conventional marketing in the late 90s. As a matter of fact, as of 11:11 am, November 11 of this year, according to some guy I talked to in a bar, every marketing technique ever invented will be obsolete. I thought that was pretty specific. He was drinking something called, Ke. (Pronounced, key.) It’s Irish liquor distilled by Wood Duck. It’s kind of a cross between whiskey and vodka, and it hasn’t been commercially distilled in over 200 years, so it’s both old and new. A young lady at the bar asked him if she could try a sip. He told her good girls didn’t drink Ke. She snap kicked him in the spleen and downed his last shot for him. I think he died later.

Anyway, savvy marketers know traditional marketing is kaput. This is the new way. World-renowned marketing experts like Seth Godin have concluded: content marketing isn’t coming; it’s here.