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If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? It does if it’s online.


Why bother with ORM?

The stakes are astronomical.

Online Reputation Management is crucial to your brand. It can influence purchase decisions or can be used to falsely destroy a company’s reputation.

Search Google for Wal-Mart, or Yahoo for a local dentist, and you’ll understand. Search results can make or break a brand and all the Search Engine Optimization on the Internet will not help.

Content generated by Internet users has grown exponentially. So much so that it can now meaningfully influence search results. Of course, an impulse on the part of users to effect these results naturally follows, and so does a need on the part of advertisers to maintain control over their brand’s reputation. ORM (or online reputation management) services vary, but in essence, track negative client related content and counter by promoting positive and neutral content.

At dpa branding, our Local Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management solutions succeed because they symbiotically achieve duel objectives. First, they position the advertiser as a trusted Google Places listing. Second, they generate more 4 star and 5 star reviews, encouraging more people to do business with you.

dpa branding’s proprietary ORM process ensures a well-managed and organic social media dialogue that can respond rapidly and fairly to negative and erroneous postings in concert with the expertise and best practices of clients. Our streamlined process of review posting for client’s customers protect against fraudulent submissions.

Your online brand is an extension of your offline business, and branding is critical to your online marketing success. In this day and age, online reputation management is not optional and it is not a one-way process. It has become a two-way communication channel vital to your company’s existence. Maintaining a clean image and reputation of your brand is high priority, if you want to remain competitive online.

dpa branding’s proprietary ORM process can evaluate your online reputation and help you quickly take control of it in order to effectively shape your online image.

Many advertisers are only worried about their star rating—it is imperative that we rethink this.  The value here is in the kind of exposure and website traffic one gets from a steady flow of reviews to one’s LSEO listings. Frequently updating one’s Online Reputation Management content improves local search engine optimization ranking position.

Only seven percent of all Google Places listings are claimed to date. Those who act now will surely reap the benefits. dpa branding’s ORM program includes six other LSEO listings that will positively expand your Local awareness: Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, Yellowbook and SuperPages. These sites may not get as much attention as Google Places, but rest assured, they are vital if you want to build and expand awareness of your Local presence.

Call now. We’ll evaluate your brand’s current status, and assess it’s potential.