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Organic results for maximum exposure.


The days of Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, dominance in search engine results has gone the way of the Dodo. According to Google’s own survey, over 85% of online searchers opt to choose “organic” results over those they recognize as paid results. Still, no other method for search engine ranking provides for more multiple first page search results than PPC.

To benefit from PPC in the era of SEO and LSEO Internet marketing and website construction, some definite creativity is necessary to cut through the clutter and get your brand noticed. Synergistic Search is your answer to this common dilemma. By utilizing the best practices of current Social Media Marketing, SEO and LSEO methods in order to increase both traceable phone and website traffic, resulting in greater multiple first page postings, and as an added benefit ancillary organic visits to your website, Synergistic Search is consistently out-performing alternative PPC LSEO processes and with real-time tracking not available with most methods.

Sure, Pay-Per-Click in general is best at reliving past glories, yet because of the hard to ignore advantages of doing PPC correctly, Synergistic Search has created a next level approach that demonstrates how organic and PPC can work together in harmony with real results you can see for yourself.

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