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A man once said, “Half of my ads work. I wish I knew which half.”


Broadcasting costs a ton of money to reach a multitude of consumers–99% of who will have no interest in your goods or services at all. When is the last time you saw anyone under 30 with a newspaper or a phone book?

A billboard is good—if your business is located at the next exit off the highway. Why not hire a guy in a gorilla suit to wave at passing motorists?

Actually, that works. To tell the truth, it all works—if you know how, when and why to utilize the what, where and who. And that’s the point.

We don’t have a crystal ball. Well, we do; we just don’t use it for that. What we have is the experience and hard earned insight of a multi-generational team of creative advertising professionals with technical expertise that can present your product or service to targeted online consumers in a memorable and compelling fashion that squeezes the most out of every advertising dollar in your budget.

We begin with the right message—your message. We craft that message so that it effectively articulates your brand’s unique value in the marketplace. We identify your target—consumers that already seek the goods or service you provide—and we deliver that message in the most effective way possible—the Internet.

To be truly effective, to make the most efficient use of your marketing budget, your advertising should be presented in the right way, at the right time, in the right place and in the right medium, be it Internet, television, radio or print. It should likewise target the right consumers, those most likely to purchase your product or service.

dpa branding’s strategic marketing lets you meet the consumer on his or her own terms and reflect back to them the message they already seek—yours.

Call now. We have gorilla suits standing by.