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Not having a presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is not an option today.


Top-of-mind-awareness is the goal—making your brand the first in the mind of consumers looking for you goods or services. You need to own the space in the consumer’s mind, and heart, when they are ready to buy. While sound customer relation management (or CRM) techniques are imperative, the truth about social media is, if you want to win, you also have to make the most noise. Consumers make more and more buying decisions today based on what they read and see on social platforms, but only when that information comes from a brand that has position itself as an authority and trusted advisor as opposed to just another marketer. Old school management paradigms are history. Consumers are now far less inclined to listen and are instead demanding to be heard, engaged and responded to.

dpa branding analyzes and identifies, conversations, sharing, presence, relationships, reputation, and groups. We know how social media activities vary in function and impact, and we develop a cohesive strategy in response. The abundance of social media platforms has created an abundance of opportunity in sales, customer service, research and development, human resource management, but mostly in your firm’s ability to create a truly open and collaborative interaction with consumers.

dpa branding brings years of experience to social media campaigns small and large. Our broad range of clients, from individuals and small local businesses to large corporations, has taught us that each client needs a strategy that is optimal for their situation. Our social media management package custom fits a social media strategy to suit your needs. We’re intent on exceeding your social media objectives. Keep your finger on the pulse of social media marketing and keep your brand consistent with the help of our expert design and marketing team.

Please contact us for our social media design & social media management rates.